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Mcdonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop

Mcdonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop is a 5-day workshop where in kids can experience in-store restaurant training. This will help teach kids values such as hard work, responsibility, teamwork, honesty, sharing, and active lifestyle.


Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2017

The Davao Food Appreciation Tour is the first, longest-running, and most anticipated food and travel event by bloggers for bloggers.

Coffee Grounds by Golden Lion

They are famous for their “selfie coffee” which is a first in Southern Mindanao, wherein your selfie, or a picture of your choice, will be printed on top of your coffee cup for an additional amount of PHP70.00.

Noon Saram Korean Cafe

안녕하세요 !~ 저는 에이푸릴이에요 ^^ Lately, a lot of coffee shops, restaurants, milk tea shops, and cafes have emerged in Davao City. Is it because of the new Philippine President, Duterte, who’s a certified Dabawenyo? Nahh.. Hmm.. maybe about 10%? 20%? Not the majority though. I think, businessmen and the like have decided to put […]