Mcdonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop

SUMMER is finally here!

When I was still a student, I always looked forward for the month of April. We finally get to have a break after 9 months of squeezing our brain juices out at school. Some spend their summer breaks at home (binge watching animes LOL #guilty), others, would attend advanced classes in preparation for the next school year (still, #guilty haha). But you know what’s the best summer activity for little kids? It’s having them learn and experience new things with Mcdonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop! ❤

Kiddie Crew Poster_Final.jpg

Registration is ongoing until April 30, 2017

Mcdonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop is a 5-day workshop where in kids can experience in-store restaurant training. This will help teach kids values such as hard work, responsibility, teamwork, honesty, sharing, and active lifestyle. Ain’t that cool!?


Mcdonald’s Kiddie Crew Merchandise

Yesterday, I personally caught a glimpse and experienced some of the activities that will happen in those 5-days — on-floor, Drive-Thru, and front counter training, Make-Your-Own Cheeseburger and Dessert.


The kids getting ready for the Make-Your-Own Cheeseburger activity



the participants with their finished product – cheeseburger and dessert

Aside from the activities mentioned, they will also have art sessions, talent workshops, games, and so much more! But the best part is when they get to bond with their friends and socialize. Give your kids something to remember for this year’s summer 🙂


talent workshop

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity for your kids to learn new skills and values, experience new things, and make new friends while having fun.

The kids from Padre Pios Home for Children with Birdie the Early Bird, Hamburglar and Grimace

For more information on Mcdonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop, visit


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