Bukidnon Escapade

I’ve been longing for some time away from the city, and some adventure these past few weeks. Good thing, last saturday, Chinese New Year, was a holiday! Hurray for a saturday holiday! The trip was so much different from what I was expecting though, but oh wells, live man gud. hehe

So, where did this Dora go?

*insert Dora the Explorer theme song here*

One day, my travel buddy, was browsing through FB, and found photos of Bukidnon. The place is like the Baguio of Mindanao – cold and foggy, strawberry fields, and scenic views. He then, found the facebook page of WanderLAAGS who offered a Bukidnon trip for only PHP890.00. Not bad. Even though we were the type who doesn’t like joining tours and organized trips, we grabbed this one. Four tourist destinations for PHP890.00 was already a good deal – Kapayawan Ridge, Cedar, Monastery of Transfiguration, Lake Apo. I haven’t been to any of these places yet, so, I was super excited.

1) Kapayawan Ridge


I was worried I wouldn’t be able to pull this one off. This was my very first hike. The start of something new. My bf  wants me to climb mountains with him, and this was the first. I have asthma (it runs in the family LOL), and just imagine how worried I was haha He would always tell me this: “Naka Canyoneering man gani ka, kani pa kaha”. Hmm.. This got me thinking that I just might be able to survive this one.

Mind over Matter

We started trekking at around 3AM. I badly wanted to be the first one to get there. Dude, sunrise! SUNRISEEEE! -minus the photobombers. The desperation of seeing the sunrise without the photobombers was my first motivation haha But after passing the bridge, the struggle began.



The trek lasted for 3 hours. When we finally reached the camp site, it was truly an “expectation vs reality” kind of thing. I’m blaming the bad weather for not letting me take my lovely sunrise photo *sobs*, and for not letting us see the infamous “Sea of Clouds” at Kapayawan Ridge. Nope, I’m not complaining, not really. hahaha *winks* Seriously though. It was pouring, my clothes and bag were soaked, and ’twas windy and cold.


I will come back again for you Kapayawan Ridge. I definitely will. And I will make sure to see that sunrise, sunset, night sky full of stars, and sea of clouds! Mark my word.

Here’s a short video of our trek:

2) Cedar

Aside from the bad weather ruining my chances of seeing the perfect Kapayawan Ridge, it also ruined our chance of going to Cedar. There were 5 vans all in all, and one was stuck in the mud for, I think an hour or 2(?). We can’t just leave the van that was stuck, so yepp, those hours intended for touring the cedar were instead spent on getting the van’s tire out of the mud. No waterfalls, no cedar trees for us. Enjoy the photos though:





3) Monastery of Transfiguration



One of the churches in Bukidnon.


4) Lake Apo


Before I proceed, I remembered Mom telling me to bring more clothes with me on this trip, which I, unfortunately, failed to do. So, how does this relate to Lake Apo? Well, it’s a place where you can swim, kayak, and ride a horse for only PHP250.00. Guess what happened. I didn’t have enough change of clothes, and it was raining, I still wouldn’t enjoy all ’em activities, thus, we just decided not to go to the other side of the lake and do all those fun stuff.


zero visibility

Yepp, everything just went bad haha I suddenly missed our Siargao Trip last November 2016, where, even though it was pouring, we were happy and enjoyed the rain, and the place as well.

We are not done with Bukidnon though. We are so not done. My bf and I are thinking of going back there – camp at Kapayawan Ridge, try all the activities at Lake Apo.

This trip actually got us thinking that we are not the type of travelers who’d have someone else organize trips for us. I mean, we have nothing against organizers, it’s just that, we have realized that we are one of those couples who’d very much like to plan our own trips, and have control of the time. We’re one of those couples who’d like to travel in comfort and worry about no one else but ourselves ❤ Thank you waderLAAGS ! ❤



  1. angganda! ayain ko wife ko jan.
    bookmark ko ha..thanks..


    1. Ganda po tlga 🙂 sureee. Go ahead hehehe

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