Coffee Grounds by Golden Lion

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Hi fellas! How’s 2017 treating you so far? Here in Davao City, Philippines, it has been pouring lately. There’s a typhoon on its way to the south of ph. I think I blogged last year about January being all gloomy as well on my previous blog site at I never really noticed, but I guess it has always been like that.

Anyway, moving on. Last December 3, 2016, during the Davao Bloggers Christmas Party raffle, I was lucky enough to win a gift certificate from one of our sponsors, Coffee Grounds by Golden Lion. Damn, was I glad that my name got picked out from the bowl. It’s a given that I’m a coffee-lover, and I’ve already heard and seen a lot of photos of the said coffee shop, and have been wanting to go there for quite some time.

They are famous for their “selfie coffee” which is a first in Southern Mindanao, wherein your selfie, or a picture of your choice, will be printed on top of your coffee cup for an additional amount of PHP70.00. See photo below for.



It was the perfect day for us (was with my travel/food buddy) to try out Coffee Grounds. Rain, rain, don’t go away? haha The place is a walking distance from the infamous Roxas Night Market and Ateneo de Davao University. It’s very accessible, as most of the jeepneys pass by Roxas or CM Recto. And good news for car owners, for Coffee Grounds has a parking lot for their customers as well!


Oh hi there coffee grounds!

Okay, this is just the exterior of the shop, what more inside? Shall we? 🙂


Since the coffee shop is located at the heart of Davao City, I was expecting a jam packed place, students laughing their hearts out (yes, annoyingly, a lot of coffee shops have become the supposedly “study” haven of some groups of students, and all they do is make noise instead of studying). However, as we went inside, stayed there for about an hour or so, we heard no noise at all. It was as chill as a coffee shop could get, and the background music is just perfect – calm and soothing. This made my bf, who is reviewing for his upcoming board exam, want to study here at times. It is conducive for studying.



Meet the boyfriend who’s turning 25 tomorrow :* I love you ❤


I ordered a cup of Caramel Macchiato PHP150.00 (my favorite drink) and a cup of White Cafe Mocha PHP150.00 for the guy who’s not really a fan of coffee but is willing to try. Guess who influenced him to? HAH! >:)

Coffee Grounds by Golden Lion
Location: Roxas Ave. Extension, across Boulevard area, Davao City
*** Store opens  at 2pm-12mn, Sunday-Thursday and 2pm-1am, Friday-Saturday


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