Thank You 2016, Hello 2017!

Before welcoming 2017, I’d like to thank the year 2016 for being such an awesome year.

I have finally unlocked and started my long time dream which is to travel. Even though it didn’t look like I traveled much, but for me, it’s a starter, since I haven’t really exactly been to a lot of places. Despite the fact that I wasn’t able to avail 3 round trip tickets (Iloilo, Manila, Cebu) due to busy schedule, I’m still happy. Shall we do a recap on my travels? 🙂

  1. Babu Santa aa530-xxWe went here for my bf’s birthday (January 10). The night sky was amazing! You can clearly see the stars.
  2. BuDa 2e5c8-img_20160210_132539Taken at Bemwa farm at BuDa around February. My uncle went home after years of staying abroad and wanted a family reunion. So, tada!~ I wasn’t able to stay overnight though because I had to go to work the day after. ugh..
  3. Surigao del Sur

    white sands at Cagwait Beach (it’s clean, and free! *winks*)


    Enchanted River at Surigao

  4. Canibad, Island Garden City of Samal
  5. Sohoton    
  6. Lake Agco GOPR6522.JPGIMG_20160925_093703.jpg
  7. Siargao      

It has been such a busy year at the office as well because of a lot of changes. I’ve been pretty occupied at work. I was moved from accounting to marketing (new accounts). It’s been really challenging, but rewarding. When I say rewarding, it’s when they (clients) say thank you sincerely and smile as they go out of the office. I always aim for their thank you’s every after their transaction with me.

“Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.”

Another significant thing that happened to me in 2016 was that, I have finally joined the Davao Bloggers Society or DBS. It has indeed been a great year with them. Thank you for the warm welcome. Looking forward for more exciting events and bondings to come! ❤

Moving on, since 2014, I’ve been collecting the CBTL Giving Journal Planner. And on those planners, there’s this section where I can write my goals for the year. For 2016, I was only able to achieve 4 (LOOOOL) out of 15 (wtf) hahaha Well, that was surprising. haha Anyway, for the 2017 Giving Journal, I couldn’t find this section anymore. So, I’m guessing come what may? Hmmm.. I’m in for more surprises! ❤

HELLO 2017! Bring it on.


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