How to Get to Siargao from Davao City


“Marajaw na Adlaw!” (Good Day!)

Planning a trip to Siargao was not an easy task. Budgeting, looking for place to stay, the bus schedules.. dang! I was not prepared for this, and to think we decided this just few days before our trip. But whatever! My boyfriend a.k.a. travel buddy and I have turned 3 years last November 17th, and we wanted to celebrate it somewhere far from the city. Then, out of the blue, we were just like “How about going to Siargao?”. Well, well, well.. not a bad idea ❤

How to get to Siargao from Davao City:

  • Ride a bus to Butuan from Ecoland Bus terminal.
  • When you get to Butuan, ride another bus to Surigao City.
  • In Surigao City, ride a jeepney or trike (tricycle) to the Pier.
  • At the Pier, ride the Dapa Express boat to Siargao.

“Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy?” – Negan, The Walking Dead

From Ecoland Bus Terminal, we rode the 10:30PM Butuan (non-stop) trip. Cost us PHP550.00 each, lesser if you ride the other bus that isn’t non-stop. After roughly 5hrs of travel, we arrived at Butuan City. We got off, and transferred to another bus bound for Surigao City which costs PHP215.00 (aircon). On our way to Surigao City, I googled the boat sched for Siargao and read that there was a 7:30AM trip. We arrived at Surigao City around 6:30AM. We hurriedly got off the bus, and took a trike, which was a huge mistake. Well, ’twas my fault too for not asking the driver how much the fare was. I paid PHP25.00 because I felt sorry for the driver. The terminal was a bit far from the pier. Later found out that there are jeepneys in the terminal going to the pier which only costs PHP9.00.

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Moving on, when we got to the pier (around 6:45AM), we found out that there is no 7:30AM sched, only 6:00AM and 10:30AM. We had to wait for 3 more hours. Good thing there was a coffee shop at the pier. Before killing time, make sure that you already bought boat tickets (PHP250.00). The tickets get sold fast, so better get one first before anything else. It took us about 3hours to get to Dapa Pier (Siargao). HURRAY! After 15hrs, we finally have arrived at Siargao. But no, we’re not done yet haha General Luna is the heart of Siargao, and we’re still in Dapa. Konting tiis na lang! Once you get out of the pier, people will flock, and be like “Habal-habal for two sir?”. If you’re tired, and in a hurry to relax,  you may take the Habal-habal. Standard fare is PHP200.00. Otherwise, you may take the tricycle to GL (or General Luna) for only PHP30.00. It’s a 30-minute ride from Dapa port to GL.


  • PHP550.00 Davao to Butuan (BUS)
  • PHP215.00 Butuan to Surigao (BUS)
  • PHP9.00 Surigao terminal to Pier (JEEP)
  • PHP250.00 Surigao Pier to Dapa Port (BOAT)
  • PHP30.00 Dapa Port to General Luna (TRICYCLE)

It was a first time for me to travel for 15hrs. Brace yourself *winks*

While I’m still working on my blog regarding the experience in Siargao, I’ll just leave a video compilation of our trip for you to watch. ENJOY!



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    This is a huge help for me thanks 🙂


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