Day Tour in Tagum City

So my parents decided to suddenly go on a family trip. Off to where exactly? They mentioned Matin-ao Inland Resort. I got ready, even packed my swim wear even though I had no plans of swimming (just for the sake of packing stuff?*winks*). When I got in the car, mom looked at my bag and asked what’s inside. I just said “Uhmm.. stuff”. Little did I know, they changed plans (E  for Effort). They decided to just go on a road trip instead at Mindanao’s version of USA’s Beverly Hills, California — Tagum City.

Left: Tagum City; Right: Beverly Hills, California | Close enough (I guess)

I went to the city last year, but it was too hot, didn’t see much. Rode a non-airconditioned bus then from Boulevard Market (in Davao City) to Tagum, and paid 90PHP.

What to see in Tagum City in such a short time? Their Botanical Garden, Infamous City Hall, their Energy Park, New Christ the King Cathedral, and lastly, the newly opened Robinson’s mall.Okay, scratch that. Just that, it was new, and I was so curious.

But first, must..fill..our..tummies. It is the most important thing before starting a trip. We had our lunch at Arman’s, a famous eatery in Tagum City fronting Tagum Doctors.


1) Botanical Garden

click to enlarge

Tagum City’s Botanical Garden is a place to just chill and relax and be one with nature ❤ There’s nothing much to see really, but if you’re like me who likes places away from the busy and noisy city streets, then this is the place for you. It is said that the plants and flowers in this place will fully bloom on year 2020. I’ll be sure to visit then.


beat the heat!

2) Tagum’s City Hall



This is just the entrance to the hall, and this photo is exactly what the pathway looks like in actual. Wait til you see the hall.



I was surprised to see how huge their city hall is! It’s nothing compared to Davao and Cebu’s (or maybe anywhere in the Philippines). I can’t find any photo aside from this. Well, just see it in person, and you’ll be amazed.

3) Energy Park


The most visited park in Tagum City because of its accessibility. And guess what else? YOU CAN RENT A BIKE THERE! It has been a long time since I rode a bike, and dude was I glad to bike again. HOWEVER, don’t be too excited about their bikes. I mean, some of them have no brakes, little rusted, and well, a bit difficult to ride. But you know, don’t dwell on those little things, and just let the kid in you enjoy the moment! 🙂 By the way, it’s 20PHP per hour. *insert infamous selecta cornetto commercial*

Anong mabibili mo sa 20php mo? – Selecta Cornetto Commercial

4) Christ the King Cathedral


click to enlarge

The cathedral looks so different than the usual cathedrals I’ve been too, and it has become one of their tourist spots! There’s also a huge rosary and monument at the back of the cathedral.

How about you? Got any plans on visiting the city? Tell me all about it!

DISCLAIMER: Some of the photos on this blog post are not mine. Credit goes to the owner.


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