Noon Saram Korean Cafe


안녕하세요 !~ 저는 에이푸릴이에요 ^^

Lately, a lot of coffee shops, restaurants, milk tea shops, and cafes have emerged in Davao City. Is it because of the new Philippine President, Duterte, who’s a certified Dabawenyo? Nahh.. Hmm.. maybe about 10%? 20%? Not the majority though. I think, businessmen and the like have decided to put up their stores here in Davao City because they see the city as one of the fastest growing cities in the Philippines, not to mention safe (despite the Roxas Night Market incident), AND, another factor, in my own opinion, is that they have lesser competitors here.. at the moment.

I happen to pass by one of the colleges here one day, and saw the renovations going on across the street. Few weeks later, found out that it was a Korean cafe! OHMY! The place is called Noon Saram (눈사람 or snow man), a newly opened Korean cafe in Sta. Ana Avenue, just across Holy Cross of Davao College, former “Beestop”. The location is great because it is a walking distance from San Pedro College, Holy Cross of Davao College and Gaisano Mall Davao. Huge market right? However, the prices are a bit expensive. They offer 3 different sizes though per order – Small (S), Large (L), Extra Large (XL).

A small plate is only good for 1 person, large plates are good for 1-2 people, while extra large sizes can feed up to 4 persons (still depends on the amount of food you and your buddy/ies can eat).

Click the photo to enlarge and see detailed prices ❤


We ordered a small Kimbap (12pcs), small tteokbokki, large Chicken Kaseu and a small Mango Bingsoo


kimbap PHP98

Reasonable price. I’ve tried another korean restaurant’s kimbap, and I’d say there’s a difference in taste. Noon Saram’s kimbap has a filipino taste in it, unlike the other resto, therefore, your Filipino friend can definitely enjoy this kimbap without having to worry about its taste.

As for the tteokbokki, this particular korean dish has been a favorite ever since I started eating korean food. I found their rice cake too soft though. I shared my thoughts to my friend who has eaten in Noon Saram, and she said hers was okay and wasn’t too soft nor chewy. Maybe I just got tteokbokki at the wrong time? LOL

Now, with the Chicken Kaseu, we never expected it to be so huge. The large size is actually good for 3 people, only if the three of you aren’t huge eaters. It’s topped with gravy and served with 3 small cups of rice and coleslaw. It is also served with iced tea. They will also give you a saucer with gravy. I liked the chicken cutlets, it was crispy and just the right cut.

Can you just imagine the amount of food we ate? From Kimbap (with rice), to tteokbokki (rice cake), to Chicken Kaseu (served with rice). Carbs carbs and more carbs. So long diet! *sobs*

No, we’re not done yet. We even ordered dessert! Best part of the meal. OHMYBINGSU


Mango Bingsu PHP148

I wasn’t really expecting much from it because the food displays looked too good to be true. But heck yeah! Their Mango Bingsu was just heaven. It wasn’t that sweet, which for me is good because I can’t stand too much sugar. They actually give a container with condensed milk for this bingsu together with the dessert, so, if ever you’re a sweet tooth and find it a little bland, you can just add more condensed milk to it to suit your taste ❤ I saw one customer who ordered choco bingsu pour chocolate syrup all over her bingsu. I’d totally recommend their bingsu.


Out of all the food we ordered, their bingsu is the best one. If I go there again, it would be for that dessert.



  1. Food is sooo tempting! kamsahamnida! 😛


    1. Indeed! Lalo na ung dessert ughh ~ sarap tlga ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Shaaynee · · Reply

    if you were to choose a restaurant (in davao) with the best tteokbokki, which would it be? =)


    1. I’d choose Seoul Ga over other restos for ttekbokki 😉 you?


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