The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 1


Kill whoever you want, anyone but Daryl Dixon ❤ (ctto)

Okay, Okay . *inhale, exhale* I just felt the need to breathe in and breathe out for a moment there. So what’s with today? Today’s the day that I get to watch the season premiere of The Walking Dead. I have no idea where and when exactly (real-time) I can watch it on Philippine TV, PH time. I got a copy earlier from my brother (thanks bro!). Went to work today, and my friend’s been texting me, teasing me about TWD’s latest episode; no spoilers though, just your usual “Oh, you know what? I happen to know who died *evil laughs*” and stuff like that. She also said though not to go on facebook for facebook is dark and full of spoilers LOL Seriously. Been there, done that, be it Game of Thrones, How To Get Away with Murder, or The Walking Dead.

ANYWAY, this is going to contain spoilers. So read at your own risk!

As I’m typing this, I actually paused the video. I’m already on 21:13. To be honest, I’m very confused as to what is happening in the series right now. The last thing I remembered from Season 6’s season finale was that they were captured by Negan and his goons.Then, the thrilling part, eenie meenie miney mo — who will he kill first.



I don’t want to kill you people, I want to make that clear from the get go. I want you to work for me. You can’t do that if you’re dead, now can you. But you killed my people, a whole damn lot of them, more than I am conformable with and for that you have got to pay. – Negan, S06E16

Clear enough? Hmm.. slight. In the first minutes, Rick was shown, together with Negan’s infamous bloody bat. Suddenly, we’re taking a trip (fast one) down the memory lane of each character. What’s this about? Are they alive? or are they already dead? Did Negan finish all of them, and left only Rick? Or did he spare some, or maybe, hopefully, all of them? This 21:13 minutes got me asking a lot of questions! KUDOS WRITERS! So far, it has only been scenes where Rick is at the top of the trailer , and Negan smashing Glenn and Abraham’s heads (what an ass!). I don’t really care about Abraham, but Glenn.. oh dear Glenn. He survived a lot of challenges from day 1, that is why this has got me thinking if this is all just Rick’s premonition or what, because in the first few minutes, Negan said:

I want you to think about what could’ve happened. Think about what happened. Think about what can still happen. You are mine. The peole back there, they are mine. – Negan, TWD S07E01



So, did he kill them or what? Maybe Rick was just thinking about the future? Ready to play the video again. Oh.. My .. Gosh .. (will do an update after I watch the whole episode)


Well, I’ll be damned. That really was it. Abraham died, but most of all, Glenn, did truly die, finally,  after all the near-death experiences he has gone through (you may find the list HERE), he died. Dude, I never thought for this to happen. I mean, yeah, sure, it’s in the comics, they followed the comics, but what about Andrea? She was such a huge asset in the comics, but still died earlier than expected. I guess I was just too positive about Glenn since he’s been through a lot of things. Even though this is not Game of Thrones, this is not George RR Martin, seems like this is the start of the main-characters-killing-spree. His influence has spread (kidding! *winks*). This has become a lesson for fans like me to not get attached to a character in a TV Series. *sobs*

Moving on, Rick’s actions when Negan threatened to kill the other members seemed very familiar to me, maybe not exactly the same, but somewhat alike (especially the acting).

You answer to me. You provide for me. You belong to me. – Negan, TWD S07E01


Reek (GoT) ccto

Well, Rick’s luckier than Reek though, he still has his intact LOL

I was still expecting for something good to happen during the last few minutes of the episode though. Something like Carol shooting Negan’s brains out. But nah, that wouldn’t make the following episodes exciting. Still, even though the Glenn character is dead, I’d still watch TWD. Perhaps someone new will pop up and become the next Glenn? *winks*



  1. I jump immediately to the comment section cause I don’t want to see any words from your blog regarding TWD. HAHAH
    I will revert to you once I get the chance to watch the premiere. Definitely tonight!!!!


    1. Hahaha good move ! There are definitely spoilers here. Can’t wait for your reaction ! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. April!!!!!! The episode is sh*t! It leave me feeling depressed. Haha!


    1. Same </3 I never thought that Glenn would die. Like, he's the ultimate survivor noh since season 1, then they decided to kill him now? sucks !


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