JaDine In Love PH Concert Tour 2016

Jadine In Love Concert Tour

Before anything else, let me do a throwback:

A photo posted by 에푸릴 ❤ (@eypuhreel) on Dec 2, 2014 at 12:23am PST

Photo was taken almost 2 years ago with the famous love team, JaDine. And, no, me going to that fan event was not planned at all. Nope, I’m no JaDine fan, but it seems like the people around me are. THUS, me going to another JaDine event — JaDine In Love in Davao City.

So, what exactly happened? My friend suddenly called me at work and invited me to hang out. I was a bit doubtful despite having my day off the day after. “Sige na, tara na”, she said. Can’t say no to an invitation. *giggles* Found out later she wasn’t a fan as well. She just got hold of free passes (I think twas either platinum or gold; LUCKY GIRL).


Meet my friend, Manelle.

I arrived a little earlier than my friend, had the guts to take an #ootd *shy*


was aiming for all black, but decided to tone it down with denim + nude loafers

Anyway, the concert started. James and Nadine sang and danced, and there were some AVP presentations, advertisements, etc.

Then, here comes one of their guests – Sugar ‘N Spice, a girl group. When they started performing, they reminded me of KPOP girl groups – girly/cutesy dance steps + pretty faces + a rapper in the group. It’s so KPOP-ish, I’m not sure the PH audience is ready for a PPOP girl group, yet. The first thing that comes to my mind when talking about ph girl group is Sexbomb Girls (dang! I feel so old), they had a different style than KPOP groups though. The 4th Impact, however, is a combination of Korean + Pinoy performance. Okay, moving on..

NEXT comes …… *drum rolls* DARYL ONG! We were so impressed with his voice

Wasn’t really able to take decent photos (even videos) of the event. It was too dark, and  we were a bit far from the stage. If you’re a huge fan of JaDine, you’ll just get frustrated watching my videos, but if you’re okay with just hearing their singing voices (yes, there were times when they actually sang; James Reid’s singing voice is actually pretty good, so is Nadine’s), then you can go ahead and view the video 🙂


great company ! 🙂


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