DBS 5th Annual Acquaintance Party

Davao Bloggers Society, DBS for short, is a non profit organization of bloggers. I heard and joined the org as an unofficial member way back in 2011 (talk about #throwback). Attended few events like the one with Mabel Acosta, Kadayawan events and fashion show in Abreeza, and Bioessence presscon with Iya. Then, my laptop died on me, and college came. So, yeah, the rest was history.

photo grabbed on DBS | Thank you sponsors ❤

Last week, my friend Angel, invited me to a DBS event (found out later that she was one of the organizers. CONGRATS FRIEND! *winks*). Since the start of 2016, I have been planning on joining the org again, and this time, as an official member. I was supposed to register last August (DBS General Assembly), but got so busy with work. This time, I thought I wasn’t gonna make it. Dude, it’s been raining like hell lately, and traffic is so BAD at my place plus, I had work til 5:30PM. But I was like “I’m coming. This is it. I promised. So, I’m coming.”. I arrived an hour late, wearing my work uniform.

my highschool friend, Mark (i dunno his new blog, it used to be markable.me)
Angel of http://angel-keepsakes.blogspot.com , Ate Anne of http://astoldbyjulz.com/

I forgot to take photos of the event (sad life), but good thing I remembered to take photos of my high school friend, college bud, and choir mate who turned out to be bloggers too. Hi guys, please take good care of me *puppy eyes*

I had fun last night, especially during the human bingo game. Let me just write down some of the convos I had with fellow bloggers during the game (non verbatim):

B1: Hi! Aries ka ba?

Me: uhmm.. Kung effective na ung new set of Zodiac Signs ni NASA, Aries na ako haha

B1: Ah , un na un. sige na 🙂


B2: Hi! Works in a bank?

Me: Yepp hehe

 B2: Ay oo nga. naka uniform ka pa nga noh hahaha

photo grabbed on DBS

Well, that concludes everything. I just cannot wait to attend more of these exciting events the DBS Officers have in store for us! 🙂

Thank you Ate Anne & Angel, thank you DBS! and Yes, I can finally say I am an official member of the Davao Bloggers Society.

I’m on the portal already teehee ~


  1. Oh, good thing you were able to join back the org. I hope I could also join DBS soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heyy you should ! 🙂 Sali ka na hehehhee

      Liked by 1 person

      1. hehehe soon! soon! sana makasali na ako before mag end ang 2016. LOL

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sali ka before dec ~ daliii ❤ hahaha


      3. Hahaha nooh? tapos may christmas party ba kayo nyan? nyay! mahihiya ako! haha

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Wag ka ng mahiya 🙂 sge na . Lapit na xmas partyyy ~ 🎉


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