The FaceShop and Happy Skin

I used to not care about getting pretty, or taking care of my skin, or getting wrinkles, or even putting on lipstick (I really hated that) and all those girly stuff ladies do. I never had the need to, nor understood what it means to have make up on (not that I put too much makeup now). I always wondered why people prefer putting make up on, and doing that night-time routine (wash, exfoliate, moisturize) when it’s such a hassle. Until I got to that age wherein I finally understood. It’s something I can’t explain. It’s just that, when I feel pretty, I tend to be more productive and more confident.

Putting the past aside, I went to The FaceShop store at SM Lanang Premier, and found out that they are currently on buy 5, get additional 5 face masks promo. Well, I guess you know what happened next. *winks* Yes, I bought them. I use face mask once a week at most, to keep my face hydrated and moisturized (aside from the moisturizer). Their face masks are good, considering the cheap price.

Next thing I bought from the shop was their aloe gel. Currently, I’m using Etude House’s Wonderpore balancing cream, and has done a good job so far. I’m about to ran out of the cream, so I decided to buy and try the FaceShop’s aloe gel. Tried the tester earlier, and it was absorbed quickly on my skin (now this will be my morning moisturizer). I’ll leave a review soon, maybe after trying it out for a week.

Sorry for the poor quality

The facemask and aloe gel purchases were not planned. I actually went to the store to look at their lippies. I was looking for a “red” lippie. A girl has got to have a red lippie on her stash…and a pink shade, and a nude. You know, mood swings.

Before I introduce my red shade lippie, let me just say a few things about why girls need these shades (or maybe it’s just me?). For a nude shade, I wear it when I feel like toning it down, when I feel like being kind (ano daw? haha). Seriously though, because it’s a calm color, people will see me approachable and easy to talk to. My pink shade is a little bright, when I feel like not putting on too much make up, and not talking to people too long, I use it. I think pink makes me look intimidating lol I can also use it when I feel like not wearing any lipstick at all. You know how koreans tend to just put lipstick on the inner part of their lips for gradient effect? I do that most of the time. Too lazy to put on lippie in the middle of the day. Besides, it looks natural when it’s just the inner part that’s shaded. teehee ~ Then, finally, the red shade. Again, a girl has got to have a red lippie. It’s the perfect lippie if you plan on going out at night, hanging out with friends, partying. Not to mention it makes girls look mature.

TADDDAAA !~ Featuring Happy Skin’s moisturizing lippie, Mistletoe Kiss. Yes, this was the red lippie I was telling you about. First time I tried a Happy Skin lipstick was last May2016, and loved it. It was indeed long lasting and didn’t leave my lips dry, considering it was matte. The one I bought though isn’t matte, but still, long lasting, and doesn’t stain. It’s highly pigmented, and will leave your lips looking hydrated minus the shining (See sample below). It’s just right 🙂 I have found the one.

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