Babu Santa & Talikud Island Hopping 2016

I’ll be starting a new section on my blog which is my travelogue series 🙂 I’ve always wanted to travel, see the world, explore new places, go on adventures, and those kind of stuff. But when you’re a student, it’s a little tough due to a lot of school expenses (photocopies, projects, etc). It’s not the same anymore though, thank you diploma lol

Being a financial management graduate and a banker made me conscious about my finances. Thus, I was thinking of making my travels as cheap as I possibly can, though there are probably cheaper ways.

So let me start my travelogue series with my very first vacation this 2016 at Babu Santa in Talikud Island! Let’s go BEACHIN‘!

White Sand .. Clear Blue waters .. Very relaxing indeed! 🙂


– Go to Sta. Ana Wharf just beside Magsaysay Park. If you are riding a cab, you can just tell them to drop you off at the wharf. From the wharf, look for a boat that is bound for Isla Reta (Php80.00). Last trip is probably around 3PM – 4PM, depending on how many passengers are already on board.

– From Isla Reta, you have to ride a habal-habal to Babu Santa (Php70.00). There are no boats going directly to Babu Santa, except for the ones rented for island hopping purposes.

It was said that you can see the Mt. Apo across if you’re at Babu Santa. We were looking forward for that. However,  the weather wasn’t very cooperative that day haha It was pretty gloomy and it even rained.

The entrance fee was Php100.00 per person. Fair price for a peaceful place. You have to bring a tent if you’re planning on staying overnight because there are no rooms or closed cottages for you to stay, only open cottages to be rented at Php200.00. There’s no corkage, so you may bring all the drinks you want to bring *winks*

The place is pretty crowded during the day though, but starting 4PM, you can have the place all to yourself. Very few people stay there overnight. There’s also a sari-sari store there owned by the caretaker where you can buy food and other stuff except for drinking water.

dinner 🙂


We stayed for the night. At around 10PM, you’ll see a looooot of stars. Being born and raised in the city, it’s a really nice view. It was just like in the movies *___* I was in awe,


Morning came. Here’s the challenging part — the “how to get back home” stage. There are two ways to return to Davao City, ride a habal-habal to Isla Reta, then ride the boat there going to Davao City (it’s such a hassle, to be honest), OR hitch a ride on one of the boats, exclusive for island hopping, docked at Babu Santa shore. Good thing my boyfriend is very good at negotiating! We were able to hitch a ride on one of the boats there PLUS go on an island hopping for only Php100.00. Good thing the family who rented it were nice people, as well as the operators 🙂


So, here’s a summary of our short vacay’s actual expenses:

Boat Fare (2) PHP 300.00
Habal-habal fare (2) PHP 140.00
Entrance fee (2) PHP 200.00
Cottage PHP 200.00
Food *est* PHP 1,000.00
Island Hopping PHP 200.00


PHP 2,040.00


You can always go low with the boat fare and the food. We took a non-passenger boat on our way to Isla Reta, thus, the price. Normal price would be Php80.00. The choice was between Php150.00 or wait for 3PM for the Php80.00 boat. We arrived at the wharf around 11AM. We couldn’t wait til 3PM, so we just took the Php150.00 boat. As for the food, well, it depends on the person haha We eat a lot, thus the amount *winks*


last photo before going home 🙂


  1. Yay! Balik loob sa blogging. Keep it up! 🙂


  2. Thanks te ! hehehe


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